Whether you are a Primary Health Care worker or specialist, working with people who have a life limiting illness is a privilege in community through to acute settings.

Education and networking opportunities provided to the workforce by PCSA help to increase the options available to patients and improve quality of care.

Advance Care Directive Workshops

People have an expectation that their Advance Care Directives (ACDs) are respected and implemented.

The health and community services workforce is required by the law to follow a person’s ACD. In South Australia, the act covering this was gazette in 2013.

PCSA runs workshops to support the workforce to implement ACDs.

ACD workshops cover:

  • A brief history of advance care planning
  • What has changed and why advance care planning is important
  • Legal and ethical basis for advance care planning
  • South Australian legislation
  • South Australian Advance Care Directive form
  • When does an ACD take effect, impaired decision making capacity
  • Supported decision making
  • Who should have a copy of your form
  • Where to get further help and information

To request an ACD workshop, please contact our office.

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